• Business park

Science Park

Alicante Science Park, next to the university campus, is thought as a space for excellence and innovation, to encourage company-university relationships and speed up the technology transfer and the competitiveness of the economical system.

Its main goal is to promote scientific and technological growth, innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as the culture of innovation and competitiveness of companies and knowledge-generating institutions installed in the park or linked to it.

Besides, it fosters growth and creation of innovative companies via incubation mechanisms, enhancing the coexistence of innovative companies, research institutes and R&D University-Company mixed labs.

The University of Alicante has 10 research institutes and 5 intercollegiate institutes.

These centers are dedicated to scientific or technical research with a high level of specialization, which facilitates and stimulates the transfer of results of their investigations to the productive sector.

  • University Research Institutes: Intercollegiate institutes:
  • Water and Environmental Sciences.
  • Ibero-American Biodiversity Center (CIBIO)/
  • Electro-chemistry.
  • Applied Physics for Science and Technology.
  • Chemical Process Engineering.


  • Information Technology Research.
  • Tourism Research.
  • Materials.
  • “Ramón Margalef” Multidisciplinary Media Study Center.
  • Organic Synthesis. Social Development and Peace.
  • International Economy.
  • Valencian Philology.
  • Geography.
  • Applied Modern Languages.